Custom Cabinets, Fixtures, & Displays

for retail, commercial, and industrial applications

Our Capabilities

Northeastern Cabinetry has assembled a level of talent and capabilities that provide exceptional value for our customers. We use the finest materials that money can buy. Quality materials, and time-proven woodworking techniques, combine to create fixtures and cabinetry delivering long-lasting performance. We pay meticulous attention to every design detail, from beveled edges and inlays, to doweled-joint construction for greater durability and performance.

Our 42,000 square-foot facility features the finest woodworking equipment in the world. CNC machining delivers amazing accuracy and point-to-point boring provides fast turnaround on cabinets and fixtures.

Better materials, manufacturing techniques and personnel make Northeastern Cabinetry the ideal source for custom cabinets, fixtures and displays.

color swatches and material samples

Design Department

Northeastern Cabinetry fabricates with beautiful hard woods and laminate and/or solid surface materials. Tap our design department’s expertise, whether you require retail displays, a new office, reception area or kitchen.


Northeastern’s millwork department includes state-of-the-art woodworking equipment providing production economies, plus cabinets and displays produced to exacting tolerances.


Edge banding laminates cabinets and doors with amazing speed and accuracy.

dovetial station

Point-to-point boring (CNC) cabinets and doors with fabricates to exacting tolerances, repeatedly, and meets AWI manufacturing standards.